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There are a total of 589 elements in Little Alchemy. Each element can be created by combining 2 other elements, except for the starting elements, which are unlocked from the start.

List of elements

Starting elements

These elements are the basic that available from the start.

Element Recipes
Air.png Air Available from the start
Earth.png Earth Available from the start
Fire.png Fire Available from the start
Water.png Water Available from the start

Tier 1 elements

These elements can be created by combining only the starting elements.

Element Recipes
Dust.png Dust
Energy.png Energy
Lava.png Lava
Mud.png Mud
Pressure.png Pressure
Rain.png Rain
Sea.png Sea
Steam.png Steam

Tier 2 elements

These elements can be created by combining only elements in tier 1 or lower.

Element Recipes
Atmosphere.png Atmosphere
Brick.png Brick
Cloud.png Cloud
Earthquake.png Earthquake
Flood.png Flood
Geyser.png Geyser
Granite.png Granite
Gunpowder.png Gunpowder
Obsidian.png Obsidian
Ocean.png Ocean
Plant.png Plant
Salt.png Salt
Stone.png Stone
Volcano.png Volcano
Wind.png Wind

Tier 3 elements

These elements can be created by combining only elements in tier 2 or lower.

Element Recipes
Algae.png Algae
Ash.png Ash
Coal.png Coal
Cotton.png Cotton
Eruption.png Eruption
Explosion.png Explosion
Fog.png Fog
Garden.png Garden
Grass.png Grass
Hurricane.png Hurricane
Isle.png Isle
Metal.png Metal
Moss.png Moss
Mountain.png Mountain
Sand.png Sand
Seaweed.png Seaweed
Sky.png Sky
Storm.png Storm
Swamp.png Swamp
Tobacco.png Tobacco
Tsunami.png Tsunami
Wall.png Wall
Wave.png Wave

Tier 4 elements

These elements can be created by combining only elements in tier 3 or lower.

Element Recipes
Archipelago.png Archipelago
Atomic bomb.png Atomic bomb
Beach.png Beach
Blade.png Blade
Boiler.png Boiler
Bullet.png Bullet
Cactus.png Cactus
Clay.png Clay
Desert.png Desert
Dew.png Dew
Diamond.png Diamond
Dune.png Dune
Electricity.png Electricity
Fireworks.png Fireworks
Flower.png Flower
Glass.png Glass
Grenade.png Grenade
Horizon.png Horizon
House.png House
Ivy.png Ivy
Life.png Life
Moon.png Moon
Mountain range.png Mountain range
Pond.png Pond
Quicksand.png Quicksand
River.png River
Rust.png Rust
Sandstone.png Sandstone
Sandstorm.png Sandstorm
Sound.png Sound
Steel.png Steel
Sun.png Sun

Tier 5 elements

These elements can be created by combining only elements in tier 4 or lower.

Element Recipes
Aquarium.png Aquarium
Bacteria.png Bacteria
Bird.png Bird
Blender.png Blender
Bridge.png Bridge
Dam.png Dam
Day.png Day
Eclipse.png Eclipse
Egg.png Egg
Glasses.png Glasses
Gold.png Gold
Golem.png Golem
Greenhouse.png Greenhouse
Gun.png Gun
Hay.png Hay
Hourglass.png Hourglass
Human.png Human
Lake.png Lake
Light bulb.png Light bulb
Mirror.png Mirror
Night.png Night
Oasis.png Oasis
Oxygen.png Oxygen
Perfume.png Perfume
Plankton.png Plankton
Pottery.png Pottery
Pyramid.png Pyramid
Rainbow.png Rainbow
Ring.png Ring
Robot.png Robot
Scissors.png Scissors
Scythe.png Scythe
Skyscraper.png Skyscraper
Sunflower.png Sunflower
Sword.png Sword
Telescope.png Telescope
Tide.png Tide
Time.png Time
Village.png Village
Water lily.png Water lily
Waterfall.png Waterfall
Windmill.png Windmill
Window.png Window
Wire.png Wire

Tier 6 elements

These elements can be created by combining only elements in tier 5 or lower.

Element Recipes
Airplane.png Airplane
Allergy.png Allergy
Angel.png Angel
Astronaut.png Astronaut
Bank.png Bank
Barn.png Barn
Bayonet.png Bayonet
Birdhouse.png Birdhouse
Blood.png Blood
Carbon dioxide.png Carbon dioxide
City.png City
Clock.png Clock
Cold.png Cold
Corpse.png Corpse
Cyborg.png Cyborg
Double rainbow!.png Double rainbow!
Duck.png Duck
Dynamite.png Dynamite
Eagle.png Eagle
Electrician.png Electrician
Excalibur.png Excalibur
Family.png Family
Farmer.png Farmer
Fireman.png Fireman
Flamethrower.png Flamethrower
Gardener.png Gardener
Grim reaper.png Grim reaper
Hard roe.png Hard roe
Hay bale.png Hay bale
Hummingbird.png Hummingbird
Idea.png Idea
Lamp.png Lamp
Lawn mower.png Lawn mower
Light.png Light
Lightsaber.png Lightsaber
Lizard.png Lizard
Love.png Love
Microscope.png Microscope
Music.png Music
Needle.png Needle
Nerd.png Nerd
Nest.png Nest
Oil.png Oil
Omelette.png Omelette
Ostrich.png Ostrich
Owl.png Owl
Ozone.png Ozone
Paint.png Paint
Peacock.png Peacock
Phoenix.png Phoenix
Prism.png Prism
Ruins.png Ruins
Safe.png Safe
Safety glasses.png Safety glasses
Scarecrow.png Scarecrow
Seagull.png Seagull
Sickness.png Sickness
Star.png Star
Sunglasses.png Sunglasses
Surfer.png Surfer
Swim goggles.png Swim goggles
Taser.png Taser
The one ring.png The one ring
Tool.png Tool
Toucan.png Toucan
Tree.png Tree
Turtle.png Turtle
Twilight.png Twilight
Unicorn.png Unicorn
Vase.png Vase
Warrior.png Warrior
Water gun.png Water gun
Wind turbine.png Wind turbine
Wizard.png Wizard

Tier 7 elements

These elements can be created by combining only elements in tier 6 or lower.

Element Recipes
Alarm clock.png Alarm clock
Alligator.png Alligator
Armor.png Armor
Black hole.png Black hole
Bone.png Bone
Bonsai tree.png Bonsai tree
Caviar.png Caviar
Chameleon.png Chameleon
Charcoal.png Charcoal
Chicken.png Chicken
Christmas tree.png Christmas tree
Computer.png Computer
Constellation.png Constellation
Crow.png Crow
Crystal ball.png Crystal ball
Cuckoo.png Cuckoo
Dinosaur.png Dinosaur
Dragon.png Dragon
Drone.png Drone
Dry ice.png Dry ice
Duckling.png Duckling
Egg timer.png Egg timer
Engineer.png Engineer
Family tree.png Family tree
Farm.png Farm
Field.png Field
Fire extinguisher.png Fire extinguisher
Fish.png Fish
Flashlight.png Flashlight
Forest.png Forest
Frankenstein.png Frankenstein
Fridge.png Fridge
Fruit.png Fruit
Galaxy.png Galaxy
Grave.png Grave
Harp.png Harp
Helicopter.png Helicopter
Herb.png Herb
Hospital.png Hospital
Ice.png Ice
Jedi.png Jedi
Lava lamp.png Lava lamp
Leaf.png Leaf
Lighthouse.png Lighthouse
Livestock.png Livestock
Mayonnaise.png Mayonnaise
Monarch.png Monarch
Mummy.png Mummy
Narwhal.png Narwhal
Oil lamp.png Oil lamp
Optical fiber.png Optical fiber
Palm.png Palm
Pegasus.png Pegasus
Pigeon.png Pigeon
Pilot.png Pilot
Pitchfork.png Pitchfork
Rose.png Rose
Seaplane.png Seaplane
Seasickness.png Seasickness
Sewing machine.png Sewing machine
Shark.png Shark
Shuriken.png Shuriken
Skeleton.png Skeleton
Smog.png Smog
Snow.png Snow
Soap.png Soap
Soda.png Soda
Solar cell.png Solar cell
Space.png Space
Spaceship.png Spaceship
Starfish.png Starfish
Statue.png Statue
Steam engine.png Steam engine
Sundial.png Sundial
Super nova.png Super nova
Swimmer.png Swimmer
Thread.png Thread
Treehouse.png Treehouse
Umbrella.png Umbrella
Vampire.png Vampire
Vulture.png Vulture
Watch.png Watch
Wheat.png Wheat
Wood.png Wood
Zombie.png Zombie

Tier 8 elements

These elements can be created by combining only elements in tier 7 or lower.

Element Recipes
Acid rain.png Acid rain
Alcohol.png Alcohol
Alien.png Alien
Antarctica.png Antarctica
Avalanche.png Avalanche
Axe.png Axe
Blizzard.png Blizzard
Boat.png Boat
Broom.png Broom
Bulletproof vest.png Bulletproof vest
Camel.png Camel
Campfire.png Campfire
Chicken soup.png Chicken soup
Chicken wing.png Chicken wing
Coconut.png Coconut
Coffin.png Coffin
Cow.png Cow
Crown.png Crown
Darth vader.png Darth vader
Doctor.png Doctor
Electric eel.png Electric eel
Fabric.png Fabric
Fence.png Fence
Fishing rod.png Fishing rod
Flour.png Flour
Flute.png Flute
Flying fish.png Flying fish
Fossil.png Fossil
Fountain.png Fountain
Fruit tree.png Fruit tree
Glacier.png Glacier
Gnome.png Gnome
Goat.png Goat
Godzilla.png Godzilla
Gravestone.png Gravestone
Graveyard.png Graveyard
Hail.png Hail
Hammer.png Hammer
Horse.png Horse
Iceberg.png Iceberg
Igloo.png Igloo
Internet.png Internet
Juice.png Juice
Knight.png Knight
Lemonade.png Lemonade
Log cabin.png Log cabin
Meat.png Meat
Mermaid.png Mermaid
Meteoroid.png Meteoroid
Ninja.png Ninja
Paper.png Paper
Parachute.png Parachute
Pencil.png Pencil
Penguin.png Penguin
Pig.png Pig
Pinocchio.png Pinocchio
Pipe.png Pipe
Piranha.png Piranha
Planet.png Planet
Pterodactyl.png Pterodactyl
Puddle.png Puddle
Rocket.png Rocket
Rope.png Rope
Santa.png Santa
Scalpel.png Scalpel
Sheep.png Sheep
Ski goggles.png Ski goggles
Smoke.png Smoke
Smoothie.png Smoothie
Snow globe.png Snow globe
Snowball.png Snowball
Snowboard.png Snowboard
Snowman.png Snowman
Soap bubble.png Soap bubble
Space station.png Space station
Steamboat.png Steamboat